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How do I order a past edition? 

If you're interested in buying an old yearbook, please navigate to our Brown Marketplace page linked below to place your online order. 

The drop down menu provides information about availability of books for specific years



How long will it take to ship to ship my book? 

All orders will be processed and shipped within 3 days. Domestic shipments will take 3-4 days. 

What if the yearbook I am looking for is not listed? 

If a particular year is not listed, that indicates that we do not have any stock for sale. 

What payment methods are accepted? 

All debit and credit cards are accepted on the MarketPlace platform

Can I send the book as a gift? 

Yes! In the shipping address, please provide the address of the person you are gifting the book too. Please indicate that it is a gift in brackets when you enter your name. 

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