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Class of 2024! 

Join us in making the 166th Edition of the Brown Annual Yearbook! 


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Portraits Sittings

27th Nov - Dec 19th, 2023

Portraits Sittings

Last week - Happening now! 

29th Jan - 23rd Feb

Final Day to Order book for Pick-up

March 31st, 2024

Pick Up! 

May 19th - 25th, 2024

Book your portrait sitting! 

Join the 1000+ seniors who have already taken theirs! 

In collaboration with Legacy Studios, free senior portraits will be available to all students! 

LAST CHANCE:  Feb 19 - 23

Venue: Maddock Alumni Center 

Note: For students who fail to take their portraits, only their name and concentration will be listed in the 2024 Yearbook. 

Submit your photos to the yearbook! 

Parties and off-campus outings, study spots, rooftop sunsets, your art and projects, throwback photos from previous years, study abroad photos, main green days, WE LOVE THEM ALL! 


Order your book! 

Thanks to UFB's support,

the first 700 books will be sold at a discount of $35. 

Any further orders will be priced at $99. 

Books will be available for pick-up during graduation  and senior week! 

Update as of February 16th, 2024:

Less than 200 discounted offers left

Parent/Family Recognition Ads


Join us in congratulating your child on their success and hard work!

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